PL1389 Yellow Suitcases

PL1389 Yellow Suitcases $2.95 CAD
6 per package Quantity:
Mini Yellow Suitcases

~ petit valise ~

Tiny little suitcases that actually open & close!

Tuck in a tiny word, use some ribbon to attach, add to a charm bracelet...and, and, and...we are smitten with these.

Bon voyage!

Having done several custom destination event orders this past year,

.....where color coordination was important--we are now offering these in single color packages!


1 1/4" x 1" with a depth of 6/16" (33mm x 28mm x 8mm depth)- includes handle

Please note measurements on all items. Some items may appear larger or smaller than they actually are due to magnification to show detail & color.