FT1925-27 Posies+Daffodil

FT1925-26 Posies+Daffodils $2.50 CAD
2 (same style) per package Quantity:
FT1925 Orange Ruffle Posie
FT1926 Yellow Ruffle Posie
FT1912 Daffodils
Crochet Posies

These sweet blossoms can be added to hair pins for a fun accessory, or stitched with care onto a pair of tiny felt shoes.

Use them to enhance a myriad of fabric projects, add them to gift tags...or wherever else you require a little creative perk-up.

Choose your blossom style!


Two of the same blossoms per package.

Ruffle Flowers: approximately 1 1/4" (32mm) diameter

Daffodil: approximately 1 3/8" (34mm) diameter

Please note measurements on all items. Some items may appear larger or smaller than they actually are due to magnification to show detail & color.